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This is a custom designed Double DIN CARBON FIBER ROCKER Switch Panel, Honda Civic/Acura Integra,Universal . It includes 5 BLUE LED LIGHTED ROCKER SWITCHES. RED switches can be used upon customer request. This was custom modeled in CAD and manufactured on our CNC in the USA. A 2.0mm glossy carbon fiber twill plate was used utilized. Items are glossy finish on both sides. Edges are hand sanded.

The switch panel is powered by a single 12v power source. 5 powered outputs are included. All wiring was hand assembled in house. Heavy duty 10G and 12G wiring was used. We offer other panels and designs that will fit your specific Honda/Acura application. A simply wiring diagram will be included only for the rocker switches. Basic wiring skills needed. Professional installation recommended. This beautiful piece installs in place of the radio. It eliminates the radio.

The integrated Carbon Panel easily installs with a few screws and requires NO CUTTING OR DRILLING. It can be simply uninstalled when the customer wishes. The product is one piece. It gives you that stock OE stock look with modern carbon fiber panel switch racing functionality.

This is solid CARBON FIBER. A better looking alternative to the standard metal panels. Don't be fooled by imitation carbon. Most competitors offer this panel with a vinyl imitation carbon fiber sticker on a plastic sheeting or on an inexpensive ABS panel. We CNC our carbon parts in the USA. Check out my other Honda Carbon fiber parts at . More is on the way.

We can review customer requests. For off road use only.

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