Racing REAL CARBON FIBER 12V Switch Panel LED Engine Start Push Button Toggle

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This is a custom designed universal SOLID REAL CARBON FIBER racing switch ignition switch panel. I custom modeled this in CAD and manufactured it on our CNC in the USA. A rendering is shown in the photo gallery. 2.0 mm glossy carbon fiber twill plate was used utilized. Plate is glossy finish on both sides. All edges were hand sanded. 


- Made by ultra strong and light weight carbon fiber face plate & red LED indicator.
- Comes with 1 set of engine start switch panel.
- Dimension : 5.9" (length) * 2.56" (width).
- Panel includes :
  1x engine start button with red LED indicator.
  1x on/off toggle switch with red aircraft style flip cover & red LED indicator.
  3x toggle switches for additional use.
- Input voltage : DC 12V.
- Current : 30A.
- Comes with 1x engine start switch panel, 1x relay with wire, wiring harness and 4x screws.
- Professional installation is highly recommended.
  (Additional modification or drilling is required.)

For off road use only

Due to the nature of carbon fiber, small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, tiny scratches and clear coat blemishes are inevitable from the manufacturing process.